Happy Hens

Happy Hens

This is my latest reduction linocut print. The print idea, of some countryside chickens, was suggested by my hen loving cousin and titled by her two daughters. She requested a chicken themed print. Usually, I would never do a commission for a linocut, but I made an exception, especially for her.

She’s had a bad year. My uncle, her dad, passed away a few weeks ago. He was my dad‘s oldest brother. He was a loving nonno to his five grandchildren.

Above: Photos of the process of making the print. From sketch to final image.

My uncle was the warmest, cheekiest and most generous uncle you could wish for! I have only lovely memories of Uncle Joe, he was central to large family weekend gatherings and sunny barbecues. He threw Christmas parties and bought me cheeky pints when I only asked for a half. He took us on Christmas shopping trips to Birmingham and treated us to curry.

There was guaranteed friendly family banter and laughter. Like my dad, he had the family trait of a cheeky wink and a comical raise of an eyebrow. I loved all of the joking about. It was never dull in his company, a ring leader of a huge immigrant family circus consisting of my brother and sister, my six cousins and two second cousins and all our parents, uncles and aunts. We literally spent every weekend with each other, congregating in nonna’s tiny terrace house. Arriving at lunchtime to eat a mountain of the most delicious pasta and sometimes not leaving until around midnight especially, if my dad and my uncles got into an intense high-stakes game of ‘Scopa’.

I hope my cousin likes her happy hens. I have 10 limited edition, two layer reduction linocut prints available from my Etsy shop from Friday 19 August 2022.

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I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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