MStraccia Art

Marisa Straccia

Illustrator, Printmaker

Greetings! I’m Marisa, a digital art-worker from Bedford, UK. In my free time I ditch the screen for printmaking. You can buy this artwork from my linoprint shop

My influences are magical folk, ordinary folk, animals and nature.

Winter Barn Owl Four Colour Handprinted Reduction Print
Heart Vase Four Colour Hand printed Reduction Print.
Jay. Four layer colour reduction print. Handprinted.
Turtle Dove Three colour reduction print. handprinted.
Water Street Handprinted linocut
Knight. Four layer colour reduction print. Handprinted.
Happy Hens Two layer reduction print. handprinted.
Glory to the Heroes Handprinted linocut, two layer reduction fundraiser print for The Red Cross. Sold out.
Hubert the Fox Handprinted linocut
Green Man prints and sketch
Verdant Man
A mysterious girl with her cat
Autumn Rules Handprinted linocut.
The Chalice handprinted linoprint.
Winter Badger (sold out)
Blue Vase. Four colour linocut reduction print
Solstice House
Mizzen the Unicorn and Fred the Lion
Blackbird Three colour reduction print
Tabby cat print and sketch
Tabby Cat
Blue print of the prophetess
The Prophetess
linoprint of two deers in the snow
Snow On the Moor
Spring Optimist lino print
Spring Optimist
May Flowers Five Colour Reduction Print.

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Read more about my thoughts, processes and projects on my blog