Fundraiser Reduction Print

I made a two colour reduction linocut to sell as a fundraiser for the Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal. I have sold out now, but the money that was donated came to £410. A print was given to anyone who gave money to charity. My target was £300, but people were very generous. Thank you so much, you are amazing.

I made 20 prints

Ukraine’s national motto is ‘Glory to Ukraine’ (Slava Ukraini). The response (and the name of this print) is ‘Glory to the Heroes!’. It’s for the courageous people in Ukraine and the generous people in it’s bordering countries, they are welcoming so many refugees.

It’s not a ground breaking amount of money, but I hope that the donations will help in some way. You feel so helpless watching war on the news. 

Recently I watched Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom(2015). It is a brutal film to watch, but it is worth seeing this documentary on Netflix uk. And I watched ‘Tango with Putin’ on bbc iplayer. A reminder that the Russian people are also victims of Putin’s megalomania. 

Published by MStraccia Art

I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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