BBC News

Thanks so much to Alex Pope from the BBC for writing this lovely news article about Foster Hill Road cemetery and how it has inspired artists and authors (like the incredible Ruth Hogan– A Sunday Times best seller!).
The story is peppered with illustrations from a book I worked on earlier this year about the cemetery (available from Eagle Book Shop in Bedford)

New for 2023: A Newsletter

Newsletters and email subscribers are useful ways for me to keep in contact with you, but signing up to things suck. Our inboxes are crammed with junk trying to sell us things we don’t need.

My newsletter will be more informative than just an ordinary marketing email. I’m going to write articles about artists I admire, arts events from my home town and include some behind the scenes stuff. There will be cheeky discount codes and exclusive offers for my subscribers too. Sound good? Sign up now!

As a sweetener, I’m running a competition too! Hopefully this will be enticing enough for you to become a subscriber. I’m doing a giveaway with nice prizes. Sign up to my email newsletter to win. Winners will be announced 12 December 2022.

I hate asking people to sign up to my mailing list, but Elon broke Twitter and Zucks bet the house on Meta. If instagram and Facebook go the same way as MySpace, how will I keep in touch with you all?

Thanks so much!

My favourite paper

I occasionally get asked about the materials I use for my handprinted reduction prints. My favourite paper is Zerkall, made near the Rur River in Cologne, Germany. It’s heavy enough to take quite a few layers of colour and has a lovely delicate grain that gives my prints a dreamy vintage style that people tend to compliment on when they see my work in real life.

Detail of the lovely texture I get from using zerkall paper

When I was contacted by intaglio printmakers to tell me that my favourite paper has been discontinued, I was so disappointed and worried! I have tried lots of paper brands, and zerkall was the perfect paper for me. How can I replace it? Now I have to go back to experimenting with new paper types (cue the sound of tiny violins).

The zerkall paper mill plant

I did a bit of digging online and I read that Papierfabrik Zerkall are no longer producing their gorgeous hand-made paper because the mill was heavily damaged by the massive flooding in July 2021. The flood put its paper machine out of operation. Areas of production, administration and storage were destroyed. The German government were willing to give some funding to rebuild the plant, but the owners decided that due to diminishing sales that they would close the mill permanently. Such a shame, as there has been a paper mill on that site since the 16th century.

It’s strange to think how a combination of market forces and global warming have contributed to the demise of my favourite paper. In the grand scheme of things it’s small compared to losing your livelihood, so I really shouldn’t complain.

If anyone has any suggestions for alternative papers I would love to know! I would love to hear from you

Bedford Indie Christmas

Katie Allen designed this glorious map of Bedford Indies to promote local businesses this Christmas. There’s even a little online section for those of us who aren’t bricks and mortar shops. Check it out! Thanks to Explore Bedford, Bedford Independent and The Arc for saving me a little space in the corner of this beautiful guide. My favourite part of the map is the cute detail of the pink swans wearing Santa hats gliding down the river!

Blackbird Print

I have just finished a three colour reduction linocut print of a handsome blackbird. I handprinted a dozen, which is half of four and twenty (just like the English folk song. However, I would never, ever bake a bird into a pie. I’m a vegetarian)

Apparently the ‘four calling birds’ in The Twelve Days of Christmas folk song, was originally sung as ‘four colly birds’. Colly, being a reference to coal, hence blackbirds!

So with Christmas coming up, maybe a limited edition print of an English colly bird would make quite the festive gift. Find the listing over at my Etsy shop or come and see me at the next Bedford Flea on Sunday 13 November.

New Greeting Cards

I am very pleased with these new greeting cards. They are designs based on some of my most popular prints.

A6 greeting cards of some of my linocut prints

I have been a bit cautious to begin with and I’ve just decided to buy cards of three of my designs first, to see how well they sell.

Cards and prints at Bedford Flea

I think they look gorgeous. At the local art market, customers and friends wanted to support me, but original prints can be too expensive. Purchasing something small like a token card is affordable.

Hopefully if a card is given away, the recipient will look up my shop and website. A sneaky bit of promotion! Greeting cards are exclusively available from me in person at the moment. Find me at on Sunday 13 November at Bedford Flea. It will be perfect for some quirky festive gifts and you’ll be supporting local artists and makers too.

Bedford Flea Market

My second art market at Bedford flea at St Paul’s Square is on Sunday 11 September. There are snazzy new market gazebos there too. Fingers are crossed for good weather but it’s nice to know they have us covered.

It’s a busy creative market with a Local Produce section including a grown-not-flown florist, vegan smoothies, artisan bakes, beers and cakes. There’s even an eco refill station!

New product~ blank greeting cards!

You’ll find me in the Affordable Art section alongside 11 other local artists. I have my own wooden A board to display my prints. So Parisian!

My A board from my first flea

This time I have new prints on sale and greeting cards of some of my most popular prints.

There’s also the Flea section with antiques, collectibles, and vintage clothing. I always find a little treasure there.

Find us at St Paul’s square in Bedford this Sunday for an amazing day.

Etsy Shop Update

Just a quick note to let you know that my Etsy shop has been updated.

I have restocked some linocut prints and there are three new reduction prints that are now available to buy for the first time online.

‘Knight’, ‘Happy Hens’ and ‘Blue Vase’ are reduction linocut prints that I made this year. They are handprinted, made without a press. I burnished them at home using a wooden spoon and a bit of arm muscle!

Older prints are on sale too. I have twenty designs in the shop, so hopefully you will find the perfect gift for yourself, friends and loved ones. They’re affordable limited editions between £15-£45. Thank you for looking and remember to keep supporting artists !


My Etsy shop is getting refreshed. I’m restocking and listing some new prints. Like this knight dude. He’s a limited edition, hand printed lino reduction cut.

If you’re looking for affordable art, a truly unique gift or something with a just a hint of the folky strange, then check out my shop on Friday 19 August. 

Happy Hens

Happy Hens

This is my latest reduction linocut print. The print idea, of some countryside chickens, was suggested by my hen loving cousin and titled by her two daughters. She requested a chicken themed print. Usually, I would never do a commission for a linocut, but I made an exception, especially for her.

She’s had a bad year. My uncle, her dad, passed away a few weeks ago. He was my dad‘s oldest brother. He was a loving nonno to his five grandchildren.

Above: Photos of the process of making the print. From sketch to final image.

My uncle was the warmest, cheekiest and most generous uncle you could wish for! I have only lovely memories of Uncle Joe, he was central to large family weekend gatherings and sunny barbecues. He threw Christmas parties and bought me cheeky pints when I only asked for a half. He took us on Christmas shopping trips to Birmingham and treated us to curry.

There was guaranteed friendly family banter and laughter. Like my dad, he had the family trait of a cheeky wink and a comical raise of an eyebrow. I loved all of the joking about. It was never dull in his company, a ring leader of a huge immigrant family circus consisting of my brother and sister, my six cousins and two second cousins and all our parents, uncles and aunts. We literally spent every weekend with each other, congregating in nonna’s tiny terrace house. Arriving at lunchtime to eat a mountain of the most delicious pasta and sometimes not leaving until around midnight especially, if my dad and my uncles got into an intense high-stakes game of ‘Scopa’.

I hope my cousin likes her happy hens. I have 10 limited edition, two layer reduction linocut prints available from my Etsy shop from Friday 19 August 2022.