Winter Barn Owl

An outline of my process when I create a linocut reduction print

The sketch of the barn owl design

Firstly I make a sketch in my sketchbook using colour pencils. A different colour for each layer. I trace the image using carbon paper onto my lino. I used Japanese lino for this print. It is double sided, so it can be used again for something totally new on the back.

Linocutting with my assistant

The lino is stuck to a board with carpet tape. It’s secure, the lino won’t move whilst it is being carved. I use ternes burton pins to keep a perfect registration. I use masking tape to hold the tabs on my sheets of white zerkall printer’s paper. Don’t hold the prints by these tabs incase they move.

First layer printed

I use a mask made of tracing paper to prevent unwanted chatter on my print layers.

Tracing paper to stop unwanted ink marks

I carve each layer whilst referring to my original sketch. Here are all four layers.

I hope you have found some useful ideas. If you have any tips for printing using this method do let us know!

The finished reduction prints

The Winter Barn Owl is available to buy now from my Etsy print shop.

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I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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