Small Steps To Being Creative In Your Local Community

Do you feel like you even belong to your local community? Do you get the feeling that you’re engaging less with your neighbours? Maybe you’re interacting more with strangers on social media. Perhaps with people who you haven’t even met with face to face.

We have our immediate family, our work colleagues or school friends, but beyond that? It’s disheartening that people are becoming less connected with their fellow citizens. Aren’t you up to the challenge of making new friends? I think we all feel that society is becoming more divided, but participation in recreational organisations can bring disparate people together.

If you are artistic, Bedford has at least two events every month that everyone is welcome to participate in. These events are free and no ticket or booking is required. You just have to turn up and join in with the creative activity and you get to meet new faces.

The Circus of Illustration

The Circus of Illustration meet on the last Tuesday of every month for a cosy social. They host a drink and draw. It’s simply a creative evening of drawing with a drink! They meet at The Park in Bedford. It starts at 7:30 pm.
* Chat with new people who like creative stuff
* Do some no-pressure doodling and get inspiration and tips from others
* No membership, no signing up, it’s free to just join in
* All abilities welcome

Beds Urban Sketchers

The Beds Urban Sketchers meet on the first Saturday of every month in and around Bedford. The location changes each month, so follow them on Facebook to keep up to date.

They draw on location, indoors or out, drawing from direct observation. This means the sketches are a truthful record of a time and place. All styles of drawing are supported and they draw together and share the results at the end with a coffee and a natter. Strangers will come up to you to see what you are doing, but you get used to it. Most of them are interested and pleased to see people doing something different in town. I get lots of smiles when I’m sketching in public. Sure, there are a few morons, but they’re just jealous and they need a cuddle (but not from you. Please don’t touch meatheads).

Getting Together

Meeting people who are older than you, younger than you, who come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences to you will help us all understand each other better in a society where resentments appears to be growing. It’s easier to be kind if you get to know more people who aren’t like you. Join a recreational activity in your area. Or start one if there aren’t any near you! It might not be art and drawing. Meet new folk through sport, music or food, but for the sake of society, please ditch that toxic screen and keyboard and really meet people.

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I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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