Yaffle Bird

The Process of Creating This Green Woodpecker Print

Yaffle Bird

I like to look at vintage nature books and prints for inspiration. Going to my local library, charity shop and using Pinterest are my favourite places for inspiration.

First, I do a drawing in pencil in my sketchbook, then I take a digital photograph of it and open it in a drawing app on my iPad to finesse the design and experiment with colours. My preferred app is Adobe fresco.

I print out the design in colour and transfer it to my piece of lino using carbon paper.

I carve and print my way through all the layers using the reduction printing method. I use intaglio printmaking inks. Ternes burton pins are used to keep a consistent registration. Here is how each layer in the reduction process gradually builds up to create the final image.

On some sections of the print I used a roller (or brayer) to cover the whole area of the design in ink. I also masked off selected areas using tracing paper. I used a little roller to add red ink on to specific places on the woodpecker’s head. I print using a wooden spoon.

This multicoloured handprinted relief print was made using one piece of lino. I can’t go back to print more. They are available now from my Etsy shop

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Published by MStraccia Art

I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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