Heart Vase

Heart vase reduction linocut

This is a new reduction linocut of some flowers in a vase. It’s soooo bright and colourful. The photo is quite faithful to how the print appears in real life. I’ve mixed my own pinks and purple rather than using pigment straight from the tube. It was so satisfying to do.

These are dry now. I’m adding them to my Etsy shop this weekend- just in time for Valentine’s Day. These hot pinks and rich purples are very romantic! If you need a gift for someone special who might like flowers that won’t die or cause allergies, check out this new linocut.

You can see the process in my tests: One piece of lino, and four layers of colour. I managed to get 10 okay prints. They each have their own little variations in texture and markings, because they are each handprinted. The pink and purple are really lush and vibrant, originally I was going to use blue and I am glad I switched to pink.

Published by MStraccia Art

I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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