The Chalice

The Chalice is surrounded by stylised depictions of foxglove, deadly nightshade, hemlock and wolfsbane plants.

Who does this cup belong to? What is in the bottle? The poisoned chalice appears, at first, to be an honour, but in time becomes a myriad of difficult problems. It’s a curse! The phrase is found originally in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1606).

I decided to add some prints to my Etsy shop that I made during this time last year. I have learned a lot about making linocut prints in just a year. The Chalice was created with certain leaders in government in mind. Imagine lying and cheating your way into power only to have the pandemic come along to reveal you to be a useless, lazy, spoilt little clown.

It’s a deadly serious time. Wouldn’t you rather we had a serious person in charge than a ‘colourful character’ who has never had to experience the consequences of their own actions?

Published by MStraccia Art

I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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