Turtle Dove Reduction Linoprint

My latest print, ‘Turtle Dove’ is now available to buy from my linoprint shop.

A Turtle Dove? Why?

This is one of my favourite birds. It has a beautiful purring-like call and it is a gorgeous creature with pretty plumage. I’ve been practising the reduction method of linoprinting where each colour layer is printed from the same piece of lino. The lino is carved away for each layer and colour is added on top of the last (which means I can’t go back to print more). I’ve designed my European turtle dove in a traditional arts and crafts style using beige, blue and black inks. It seemed to work well.

Work in Progress

I’ve only seen them once in the UK, whilst camping in Norfolk, and once whilst camping in the Abruzzo in Italy.

Unfortunately, numbers of turtle dove are in decline across Europe and this species has red list conservation status. This is because they are being hunted for sport during their migration from Africa, and the weed seeds and shoots on which it feeds, are harder to find due to modern, intensive farming practices.

If you like the print you can buy the turtle dove artwork from my shop now.

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I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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