The Prophetess

The Prophetess was developed from a painting in one of my old sketchbooks

The design of this linoprint was made during an auspicious time in the corona virus pandemic. How long will lockdown last for? Will we get a vaccine? How many people will catch the disease? Our media was swamped with soothsayers. Some with decades of scientific expertise in virology, some were simple cocksure big-mouths eagerly coining it in.

A prophetess speaks and she forecasts… doom! Man has forsaken nature. Learn from the crow. She has flexibility and intelligence. In medieval bestiaries, crows symbolised children caring for their elderly parents and of parents protecting their children.

Throughout history, after a period of turbulence, it’s common to see a rise mysticism and faith. Have you noticed the growth in GenZ witches on instagram and Tik Tok? When things are out of your personal control, magic and religion provide a feeling of some agency. Young witches are enthusiastic about hexing politicians they don’t agree with!

Are things doomed for our youngest generation? Housing and job prospects aren’t secure in the same way it was for their boomer grandparents and because of the climate catastrophe the Earth is probably going to be a wasteland by the end of the century. Will prayers or a magical spells get us out of this mess? I admit, I’m a pessimist. But I don’t have a third eye and I can’t predict the future! I hope (or pray or wish), that with a bit science and sense, things will be better in the future.

Published by MStraccia Art

I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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