Christmas Menu Design for Foxy Wings

We had a fantastic meal at Foxy Wings last night! Look how excited I am in this pic! I finally got to see my illustrations on their new Christmas menu. Of course, the best thing was actually tasting it!

We had a posh pomegranate Bellini for starters (it is Christmas!), some sticky gochujang cauli, some Christmassy chilli cranberry cauli, takoyaki style cauli, winter greens and their famous famous foxy fries. What an absolute treat! Thanks so much to Gabs for looking after us!

Foxy is one of my favourite places in Bedford. If you’ve never been, you must try it!

The Brief

Gabs, who owns the restaurant, saw one of my linocut prints on instagram and contacted me with a brief based on Hubert the Fox.

It was a great excuse to try something new. Usually I work in photoshop, but decided to test out the vector brushes in Fresco, a painting app by Adobe for iPad. It worked really well, I enjoyed not being tied to a desk whilst creating the illustration and I was able to do edits in photoshop as the files are saved in Adobe ‘s creative cloud. Swapping between the applications was very easy.

Hubert has gone from a traditional, conservative country fox to a hip urban fox with a cheeky look on his face!

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I create original folk style relief prints and illustrations by hand.

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